Coconut Flour Tortilla Tacos

Coconut Flour Tortillas Tacos

The look on my husbands face is priceless when I am in the kitchen cooking. Not because I don’t cook but because he never knows what I am putting together. Today was another experiment, this time with coconut flour. I am determined to find something Paleo that my husband will eat! He liked my Almond Flour Blueberry Muffins but, thought the Sweet Potato Brownies should have gone in the trash!

After my Crossfit workout this morning I was hungry for something with some flour substance. Basically I wanted breakfast tacos! However, I try to eat paleo 6 days a week and I wasn’t going to use the corn tortillas we keep in stock at our house. Therefore I went blog searching  for “Coconut Flour Tortillas.” Many of the blogs had the same recipe so I followed this one Coconut Flour Tortillas . What do Coconut Flour Tortillas taste like? Eggy??? Is that a word??? Flour texture in the mouth. This is a recipe I would make on a Sunday to prepare for the week not something I would try to do if I didn’t have time!

The tortillas went great with my guacamole, shredded pork, jalepeno, and onion tacos. The recipe would be great for pancakes as well topped with Agave Syrup or Honey. I would just add more batter to the pan and maybe a little more coconut flour. My husband tasted them and said they would go great with strawberries and ricotta cheese.

Looking forward to experimenting more in my kitchen later this week…maybe some Paleo Doughnuts! Have a great Tuesday!


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